Monday, March 14, 2011

#14 Czerwone Gitary "Nie Zadzieraj Nosa" (1966)

The Red Guitars were the Polish Beatles. The songwriting team of Klenczon/Krajewski showed off their gift for Beatlesque melodies on songs like "Don't Be Stuck Up" from their debut album To Wlasnie My. The band was huge in the mid-60's . Their second album sold more than a quarter of a million copies. They toured all over the Eastern Bloc. Like Lennon and McCartney they progressed from beat pop to experimenting with other instruments. You can even hear their Balalaikas ringing out on some.

They also got involved in silly projects like the film below. Imagine an even more poorly executed Magical Mystery Tour and you'll know what it's like to sit through this far out 1969 Soviet film "In the Thirteenth Hour of the Night".
Czerwone Gitary are the second band to appear. And, once again, they've recorded a Beatlesque ear worm.


The band recorded 82 albums over all these decades and as late as 2007 were still playing together on stage.

Czerwone Gitary -Nie Zadzieraj Nosa

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