Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All Hail Sweet Micky --Mister Presidente Elect!

Michael Martelly a.k.a. Sweet Micky is the president elect of Haiti.
A pioneer of a kind of kompas dance music, sung in Haitian creole, the charismatic Martelly has recorded more than a dozen popular albums since 1988.
On stage he would wear outlandish wigs, drop his pants, dance around in kilts.
In the song above he sings

I dont give a demmmm
I dont give a shita

Now he does give a shit...and he'd better. Since last year's earthquake, hundreds of thousands of people still live in tents. Most people are unemployed. This candidate for change has a lot of "change" to deliver.

The people celebrated Martelly's victory with fireworks. But his support in parliament is nearly nil. Good luck Sweet Micky.

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