Friday, May 6, 2011

#25 Dana Gillespie "You Just Got To Know My Mind" 1967

Well endowed in both figure and voice, former folkie Dana Gillespie rocks out on this Donovan penned tune with the help of Jimmy Page. "You Just Got to Know My Mind" contains the entire blueprint of The Bangles sound, though it's from such a rare album (Foolish Seasons) they could probably honestly claim to never have heard it.

Looking at the photo below, you can probably guess how she inspired another Donovan tune "Superlungs (My Supergirl)"

Dana Gillespie played Mary Magdalene in the first London production of Jesus Christ Superstar. She can be heard singing back up vocals on David Bowie's "It Ain't Easy" ( from Ziggy Stardust)
and she starred in some fairly dated movies (The People That Time Forgot comes to mind).

Dana is now an accomplished blues singer. She says "I believe the blues should be sung by an older person because it's about emotions and experience. I couldn't do justice to it when I was younger because my voice didn't have the edge it needed to convey the emotion, nor did I
have the first hand experience to sing about blue themes convincingly."
She's convinced plenty of people, filling stadiums on a tour through India and winning all kinds of polls among British blues fans.

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