Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Albums I Brought to Boarding School 1978

With no bigger brother to point me in the progressive art rock direction leading to Yes, Pink Floyd and others, this future music snob brought cassettes of the following albums to his boarding school.

Actually you never know when the Theme to Rocky might come in handy.

Queen News of the World
I probably bought this for "We Are The Champions".In my entire athletic career, there has never been an opportune time to crank this song in triumph.

Wings London Town Not their best. But  "Backwards Traveller "still sounds great. And I liked McCartney's mullet. Had the insert poster on my dorm room wall.

10cc Bloody Tourists
Bought this not because of "Dreadlock Holiday" but because I decided way back in 1976 that 10cc was the greatest band in the world. They had me at "I'm Mandy Fly Me".

Elvis Costello My Aim is True
Thanks to Elvis and other musicians, I decided to go through life as an anti-hero. It's been fun. but it's no way to make a good living.

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  1. Flawless videos. I loved the "My aim is true the most" as I also composed a music track just like this.