Saturday, July 9, 2011

#36 The Equals "Baby Come Back" 1966

Written by Eddy "Electric Avenue" Grant and recorded with his band The Equals in 1966, "Baby Come Back" did make a come back two years after originally failing to hit the charts. The song became the #1 pop hit in the UK on May 1st 1968 and eventually sold more than a million copies.
But "Baby Come Back" barely broke into the US Top 40.

The Equals were one of the first racially integrated bands of the 60's prompting Eddy Grant to tell Trouser Press Magazine in 1983 that had they hit it bigger stateside there never would have been any need for bands like Sly and the Family Stone.
The Equals never made a big deal of their racial composition. That and their reggae/rock vibe is said to be one of the biggest influences on the whole Two Tone ska movement.
Me, I just dig the beat. Even white people can almost dance to it.

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