Monday, August 29, 2011

#40 Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not, 1982

I was fortunate enough to be a college radio disc jockey at the dawning of "college rock". You young'uns know it as "alternative" now. But back then, in the early 80's, college radio stations began playing music the Top 40 and classic rock stations wouldn't touch. Crazy stuff like R.E.M, U2, The Smiths and XTC.
   I spent much of the summer of 1983 in the basement of WTUL.I was drawn by the music, my new  found friends and, this being New Orleans, the air conditioning. This was the summer of the Violent Femmes, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Big Country;  of Speaking in Tongues, High Land, Hard Rain  and Punch the Clock.
  But the song that takes me back to that musty basement is this one from 1982. San Francisco's Translator didn't exactly take over the world but for four minutes and three seconds, they created perfection and defined the college rock sound.


  1. Yup, yup, yup. Translator may be back...?

  2. Good news. Thanks for stopping by!