Thursday, November 3, 2011

#48 Honeybus - Fresher Than The Sweetness in Water (1970)


With a sound that merges the best of Brinsley Schwarz and Emitt Rhodes, the inventive UK band Honeybus didn't release Story until after they had broken up in 1970. Naturally the album failed to chart, but if 1001Songs has anything to say about it, Story will get a second life.
 Honeybus is best known for a 1968 baroque pop single called " I Can't Let Maggie Go", one of the all-time faves of XTC's Andy Partridge.


  1. Love that honeybus song. Gorky's zygotic mynki did a fab version of it, I thought it was an original of theirs until a minute ago.

  2. And I didn't know about the cover until a minute ago. Thanks for reading