Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Was A College Radio DJ In The 80's: The Flies - Something Wrong With Me

In Which We Play A College Radio Nugget From the Mid-80's

The Boston scene in the mid-80's was full of reckless guitar bands that updated the garage rock sounds of the 60's.There were The Lyres, Dumptruck, Salem 66, The Neats, Dinosaur, Mission of Burma and The Volcanosuns among many others ( including google-proof Christmas, eventually made up of the Cudahy brothers, Michael and Nick, whom I went to school with ten years earlier)

Enter The Flies. In 1984 the practically foolproof label Homestead Records released the trio's LP Get Wise. It was as raucous as the rest of the Beantown bands but the lead singer, Nat Freedberg, had this quasi-Dylan, somewhat slacker drawl going for him. I guess the band broke up by the time I started cranking this song up on the progressive stereo found at 91.5 on the FM dial in New Orleans. But then, in New Orleans, every summer seemed endless.

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