Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Was A College Radio DJ In The 80's: Sex Clark 5 - I Want You Mine


A Southern-friend Young Fresh Fellows, The Sex Clark Five hailed from "Rocket City": Huntsville, Alabama.
In 1985, a copy of their 45-sized  EP Neita Grew Up Last Night made its way to the basement of the Tulane University student center. It was full of short lo-fi Beatlesque pop tunes like "I Want You Mine" ( now deleted) and "Red Shift". Naturally I played it every week.

The EP also caught the attention of legendary BBC Radio DJ John Peel who brought them in for at least one Peel session. A.C. Newman of The New Pornographers nominated the SC5 as one of his "unsung heroes" in a 2006 issue of GQ.


WTUL Promo: Mel Noonard "If"

My first promo for  WTUL was inspired by all the cool band promos we would get and Bill Murray's lounge singer routine. Not sure where I got the backing instrumental version of "If".


  1. Thanks for posting "I Want You Mine", a classic by the talented and greatly admired Sex Clark Five. SC5 Rules!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous. If I were Greek I would name my son Anonymous.

  3. Before now I've never hears of the Sex Clark Five. Now I'm digging for their other songs.

  4. SC5 were on high rotation often in my college station's playlist. For the record, they recorded four sessions for John Peel including one aired last night. (See link below) Also there's a marvelous new Sex Clark Five album called RembrandtX highly worth your time.

  5. Thanks Bostonite

    I should do more of these College DJ posts

  6. There's not enough information about sc5. Rembrandt X is best thing I heard last year and possibly ever.

  7. Got anymore WTUL promos/PSAs from the mid-80s?