Friday, November 11, 2011

I Was A College Radio DJ In the 80's: The Wind - House on Fire

In which we play a college radio nugget from the mid-80's...

[out of print]

Back when Mitch Easter could do no wrong, he spent just enough time with Miami trio The Wind to record the 1984 EP Guest of the Staphs. Critics compared the dense pop sound to Easter's band Let's Active (naturally) and The Spongetones.

I played this track at Tulane's progressive college radio station WTUL-FM because, as hip as I've always  tried to appear, deep down I'm just a big fan of good three minute pop songs. And in 1984, with Easter produced R.E.M, The dB's and Let's Active records getting so much airtime, anything associated with Mitch Easter got some revolutions on the turntable.

Looks like the band got back together in '08. Still tight. Sounding great!

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