Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Odd And Sods: Serge Gainsbourg "En Melody"

Revealing Rock's Oddest Songs...

The sexy and seductive --or is it seedy and vulgar? -- 1971 concept album Histoire De Melody Nelson tells the tale of a doomed love affair between a dirty old man ( the French chain-smoking pop maestro Serge Gainsbourg as himself)  and an English school girl ( His lover, the actress Jane Birkin).

"En Melody" is a funky instrumental guaranteed to make you smile. That's because the sweet Lolita on the album cover,  Birkin, giggles, laughs and squeals throughout the three and a half minute track. Sounds like quite the hotel room romp but in fact Jane's brother was tickling her.

The album never did become a commercial success but its influence can be heard on artists like Beck and Air. When Gainsbourg died, Jane placed the monkey from the album cover in his coffin.

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