Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Odds And Sods: George Harrison - Party Seacombe


   I dedicate this post to George Harrison who passed away on this date ten years ago. His last words: "Love one another".

  Harrison's  Wonderwall Music , released on November 1st of 1968--three weeks before The White Album , is considered by many to be the first Beatles solo album. ( Those people would be Beatle fans and Beatle buffs. Beatle fanatics would argue that McCartney's 1967 "The Family Way" soundtrack was first).

Wonderwall Music IS actually a soundtrack to a little seen 1968 film starring Jane Birkin. At the time Harrison --like Lennon--was playing with tape loops. Most of the album was recorded with Indian musicians already on hand for the Beatles "Lady Madonna" B-side "The Inner Light", but Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and even The Monkees' Peter Tork played on one or more cuts using pseudonyms (Ringo was "Richie Snare" - a terrific name for a cat). Harrison himself did not play on the album. ( So there's a bar bet for you: who was the only Beatle to play on George Harrison's Wonderwall Music? The answer is Ringo Starr.)

  Our track, "Party Seacombe", is a first cousin ,once-removed of the Magical Mystery Tour cut "Flying". At 4:37 it's probably twice as much melotron as you need, but there you go.

George from the liner notes of Wonderwall Music

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