Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If SOPA Becomes Law Here's What 1001Songs Will Look Like

The 1001Songs Singers: Baby I Got Abba

[not available for purchase]

Remember the days before Congress passed SOPA, The Stop Online Piracy Act ?  We could post songs for a week or two and turn people onto artists the rest of the world had forgotten or never even heard of. Well, now with Internet censors watching so closely, all I dare post are my own songs.
Like this tribute to ABBA I wrote way back in the early 90's.

I saw my best female friend get married and realized we'd no longer be able to do the same things we used to do, including listening to ABBA on car trips. So I knocked out this tune. Plucked it out of the ether as Paul McCartney would say. I made a video of the demo version,which can be seen above unless censors have pulled it because of copy written photos. Years later, I recorded another version with friends in a Seattle studio. In 1999, as part of The Rocket's annual "Demo Derby" one of their critics likened our sound to The Kinks and cited the lyric "Frida and Agnetha /Dance like Swedish whores" as a personal fave. It helped that I enclosed a coupon for a free coffee with the CD.

Speaking of coffee in my next post I'll discuss "Venus In a Coffee Shop" another song you've never heard of and probably won't like. Or you could let your U. S. Representative know the internet doesn't belong to a few media corporations. They had their chance to tell you what to think. Now it's your turn to think for yourself.

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