Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jim Kerr of Simple Minds Picks His All Time Faves

As told to Smash Hits Magazine for their April 16th, 1981  issue issue,  via Like Punk Never Happened 

1 Velvet Underground: Waiting For the Man - Music from the original Factory - America's Premiere journalist.
2 Ike and Tina Turner: Nutbush City Limits - Best ever melting pot where synthesiser shows its soul in solo.
3 Eno: Needle in the Camel's Eye - Not many pieces could live up to the promise of such a title - beautiful and sad.
4 Magazine: The Lights Pours Out of Me - Howard the insect and true star climbs on producer John Leckie's marble wall - best song of the last three years.
5 T Rex:  Get it On - For the saxophone and the cloak full of ego.
6 Neu: Neu 2 (LP)  - Sheer feelings, clear sounds, new musical realities for me. Take it to the hard hinterland.
7 Peter Gabriel: The Intruder - The darker side of Gabriel that maybe does exist. Look into his eyes and you'll see what I mean.
8 Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart - The most uplifting single in a long - long time. It floats around me
9 Iggy Pop and David Bowie: The Idiot - Bass, drums, refrigerator and striplight combine - the offspring is "Baby, baby I like your pants"
10 Talking Heads: Don't Worry About the Government - The building is over there. A mixture of greatness and overpowering admiration for Tina Weymouth. Unworkable and Uncontrollable.

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