Monday, March 5, 2012

40 Years Ago This Week: Glitter

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Born Paul Frances Gadd, the man who would become Gary Glitter reinvented himself several times (first as Paul Raven then as Paul Monday) before he invented his trademark sound. With two drummers, a guitarist who played the same lines as the sax player, and football stadium cries like "HEY!" and "C'MON C'MON" the Glitter sound took the UK by storm. Even teenage girls could barely contain themselves in front of the slightly overweight 30-something lead singer .

Glitter is the first album and it's a bit of a mixed bag. Along with the two versions of "Rock and Roll" ( Part 2 is the instrumental you still hear in stadiums and arenas), "I Didn't Know I Loved You ( Til I Saw You Rock N Roll)" and "The Famous Instigator", you get a handful of 50's covers ( Chuck Berry's "School Days", Richie Valens's "Donna") that just sort of sit there. The most recent reissues also contain "I'm The Leader of The Gang ( I Am)" of of three UK #1s Glitter recorded.

The heady days for Gary Glitter lasted just four years and have since been overshadowed by arrests for child pornography and child sex abuse. Glitter has retired from rocking and has talked about writing a book to prove his innocence.

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