Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Busiest Beatle : 40 Years Ago This Week

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This week, 40 years ago,  Ringo released  "Back Off Boogaloo". The George Harrison produced single would be a Top Ten Hit in both the US and UK. Ringo says he wrote the song after having dinner with Marc Bolan of T. Rex. Apparently Bolan used the word "boogaloo" over and over again. The promotional video featured Ringo befriending Frankenstein.

On March 18th, Ringo was at London's Wembley Empire Pool filming the T.Rex concert for his documentary Born To Boogie. The playful film intercuts sketches and poetry from Marc Bolan with concert footage and jam sessions including a version of "Children Of The Revolution" with Elton John on piano and Ringo on drums. You can see Ringo and Marc's friendship at work in this series of outtakes.

Here's a recent clip of  Ringo talking about his friendship with Marc and how they made the movie.

Here's a few clips from the movie. Some people compared it to Magical Mystery Tour. The mouse was Ringo. Born To Boogie hit theatres in December of '72. You can see the entire film on YouTube. In 1972, T.Rex was selling 100,000 records a day if you can believe Wikipedia.

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