Friday, June 29, 2012

40 Year Itch Have Pity on the Stranger in the Cold


A year before their partnership ended in an onstage explosion at Knott's Berry Farm, the brothers gathered at John Sebastian's house to record an album of dark and gloomy country tunes with a guest list of artists that read's like a who's who of 1960's rock: ex-Byrds, ex-Turtles, Burritos, Lovin's Spoonful and Delaney and Bonnie. The Everly Brothers' bandleader Warren Zevon was there with guitarist Waddy Wachtel and so was Ry Cooder. In a way this was their last opportunity to reinvent themselves. They plucked songs from Rod Stewart ("Mandolin Wind"), Kris Kristofferson ("Breakdown") and four from Dennis Linde whose "Burning Love" had spent most of 1972 in the charts thanks to Elvis Presley . Linde's  "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" is one example of the melancholy that infused the album.

Here's "Mandolin Wind" :

After the release of The Stories We Could Tell, in June of 1972,  the brothers went on tour in Europe with Zevon and Wachtel and found themselves playing all the old hits all over again. There was no re-inventing the Everly Brothers.

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