Thursday, June 21, 2012

40 Year Itch: Lost Computers of a Shattered Tribe


The Dutch band Golden Earring gave the world more than 1973's "Radar Love" and 1982's "Twilight Zone".
They formed in 1961 and recorded wonderful Beatlesque pop songs in the mid 60's that are truly worth exploring ."Another Man In Town" is from the 1967 album Winter Harvest.

Together, released in June of 1972--13 months before "Radar Love", is a spotty hard rock album that finds Golden Earring pulling together all the elements that would make 1973's Moontan such a classic. Among some of the more interesting moments, there's "Brother Wind" featuring a Cesar Zuiderwijk drum solo that typically ended in concert with Zuiderwijk launching himself over his drum kit and "Buddy Joe" a pop song featuring a sitar-like solo that could have come from The Sweet. The band opened for The Who on their European tour.

As a bonus: here's the band performing "Radar Love" a #13 hit ( and one of the great driving songs of all time) which would finally break the band in the US.

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