Monday, October 15, 2012

40 Year Itch: GET OUT COCKER

NOTE : Written October 15, 2012, on the 40th Anniversary of this colorful moment in the life of the tremendously talented Joe Cocker:

 "If I had my way Joe Cocker and his drugged up group would be airlifted straight back across the Pacific.
    --John Sorell, ATV News

    On October 14, 1972 Adelaide police arrested Joe Cocker after claiming to find "indian hemp" in his motel room.
 In an editorial  ATV's John Sorell says "I'd make sure their passports are marked, never to return. We don't want this type here, they are as welcome as a load of Argentine fruit fly!"
     Cocker is released on bail and performs that night. Five days later, Cocker arrives in Melbourne where a newspaper headline screams "GET OUT COCKER". Cocker tells the crowd that night: "In five years marijuana will be legalized in Australia, and the same cat who is trying to throw us out now will be smoking it himself ."
 That night Cocker and his girlfriend get into a fight at their hotel. Police arrest Cocker again and this time Immigration Minister Jim Forbes gave Cocker four hours to leave the country. Concerts in Brisbane and Perth are cancelled.

    Marijuana is still not legal, but Cocker has toured Australia another 10 times.
  His 1972 album Something To Say is so awful I'm not willing to post anything from it.


  1. Joe Cocker is one of my FAVORITE SINGERS and for decades he has abolished all kinds of drugs and alcohol.

  2. Good point! Met a very sober Joe Cocker in the mid 90's.Thanks for stopping by John