Thursday, October 18, 2012

40 Year Itch : Psychedelic Hangovers

By 1972, the psychedelic buzz was starting to fade away. Especially the "incense and peppermints" kind of free love, free acid style of psychedelia. But in that haze of a hangover, there was some righteous music being made. Here are some of our favorites from 1972.

Two California friends, Bill Cooley and Alan Munson, printed up just 500 copies of their bedroom acid folk album In Debt. It is now a cult classic full of tasteful, somewhat Beatlesque tunes. The original vinyl has recently sold for as high as $800.

Malaysian trio Truck may have released this album of  easily approachable psychedelia in 1974, not 1972. But it's too good a surprise, surprise to wait for two more years before posting.

Acid folk from German duo with the memorable line "Don't Sit On The Grass/It's Too Cold For Your Ass" accompanied by a mellotron and a very nipply vocalist named Dolly Holmes.

Touring with Rory Gallagher at the time they released their debut, this British psychedelic band also offers a sonic bridge to the high production/phasing sounds of Be Bop Deluxe. Future Blockhead Chaz Jankel plays guitar and that clean crisp production comes courtesy of Roy Thomas Baker ( who would engineer Be Bop Deluxe, Queen, Journey and The Cars)

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