Monday, November 19, 2012

40 Year Itch : An Ocean Full of Faces

Seventh Sojourn, released on November 19, 1972 is the seventh and last of a stretch of gold albums released by the classic line-up of the Moody Blues before group members took a long sabbatical to pursue solo careers. Its late 1972 release helped ensure Seventh Sojourn would be the #1 Billboard album for weeks leading to Christmas.

The best known song on the album is the US # 13 single "I'm Just A Singer ( In a Rock n Roll Band), Justin Haywards's response to fans trying find deep wisdom in Moody lyrics.  Charles Manson was still in the news for the murders he and his followers committed in the belief that the Beatles' "Helter Skelter" was citing a race war. Of course, the worst thing Moody Blues lyrics could inspire would be some kind of  New Age retreat in an Arizona desert.

For the most part this is a pretty satisfying effort but will it make a Moody Blues believer out of you? There's a second single in "Isn't Life Strange" with  its Bee Gees reminiscent opening. The bass line to the lead off track, "Lost in a Lost World" might remind you of the Talking Heads version of "Take Me To The River". Our fave cut is beautifully arranged "The Land of Make-Believe".

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