Monday, November 26, 2012

40 Year Itch: Slayed?

Yob-Rock at its finest. Though their impact on US charts was minimal. Slade owned the UK Charts between 1971 and 1976. They placed 17 consecutive singles into the UK Top 20 including 6 Number Ones. The ultimate Slade album is their UK#1  Slayed?, released in November of 1972. It features the chronically poor-spelling band's huge hits (UK#1) "Mama We're All Crazee Now" and (UK#2) "Gudbuy T'Jane" as well as "Look At Last Night", perhaps the band's most introspective song:

You'll be right here today/Gone Tomorrow
Maybe they'll care today/But not Tomorrow

Fate can be fickle with the famous. Three days after playing a sold out show in London, drummer Don Powell crashed his Bentley into a wall killing his girlfriend and nearly himself. As Noddy Holder said of that moment: "We were riding the crest of a wave, then a week later Don hjad his crash. He was given 24 hours to live. It all came crumbling down in one day".

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