Wednesday, January 23, 2013

40 Year Itch : Lost and Found

While The Kinks busied themselves with concept albums like Everybody's In Show-Biz and Preservation Acts 1 and 2 for RCA, their former label Reprise put out The Great Lost Kinks Album , a contractual obligation album of extra songs, B sides, singles ("I'm Not Like Everybody Else", "Plastic Man"), soundtrack songs and tunes originally cut for a 1968 Dave Davies solo album ("Lincoln County", "Groovy Movies"). 

      Some of the sound quality is abhorrent . Lawsuits were filed. In 1975 RCA discontinued the album. 

     Still, the album has enough to recommend it that Robert Christgau gave the album an A- , writing "Fragile, unkempt, whimsical, sometimes thrown away, with brother Dave left room for a cinematic fantasy of his own, it sticks close to the harmless eccentrics who comprise the only socially significant subculture about which Ray has ever had anything interesting to say ."

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