Friday, May 31, 2013

40 Year Itch : Those We Missed from May of 1973

Jose Feliciano teams up with Bill Withers on the catchy title cut of his 1973 album Compartments.Classic early 70's sound! Wish I owned this one.

Following the legendary Argus and its Tolkien-like imagery, Wishbone Ash recorded a straight ahead, almost generic rock album. What were they thinking?

   New York rocker was just a a few months away from releasing his most famous single, "Wild in the Streets", when his promising Atlantic debut came out. Dr John and The Persuasions also performed on the record.


On his finest album, "Q" teams up with an all star cast including Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and Bill Cosby. Most of You Got It Bad Girl  is lush. Sir Mix A Lot told me nobody has ears like Quincy Jones!


Peter Frampton's second solo album had future Frampton Comes Alive hits "Lines on My Face" and "Do You Feel Like We Do". Might be his best.


Thanks to the single "Avenging Annie" ( still embraced by the gay community to this day), preppy Andy Pratt's second album climbed all the way to #78 on the Billboard 100. Roger Daltry covered the song a few years later.

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