Friday, June 28, 2013

40 Year Itch: 10cc Hits #1

"I was amazed, but pleased that the BBC never banned the track, although they limited its airplay, because they thought it was about the ongoing Northern Ireland conflicts. In fact, it was about an Attica State Prison riot like the ones in the old James Cagney films." - Eric Stewart

On June 23, 1973 10cc knocks Suzi Quatro's "Can the Can" from the top spot on the UK charts with their catchy single "Rubber Bullets". 

       But this isn't the only UK Top 40 tune on which the members of 10cc are playing. 

        They can also be found on Neil Sedaka's #26 tune "Standing On the Inside" which was recorded while the band were still session musicians at Strawberry Studios.

1. 10cc : Rubber Bullets 
2. Fleetwood Mac: Albatross 
3. Suzi Quatro : Can the Can 
4. T. Rex: Groover 
5. Peters and Lee: Welcome Home
 6. Wizzard : See My Baby Jive 
7. Hot Shots : Snoopy Vs The Red Baron 
8. Stealers Wheel : Stuck in the Middle With You 
9. Medicine Head : One and One is One 
10. George Harrison : Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

26. Neil Sedaka: Standing on the Inside

Billboard ad,  July 1973

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