Saturday, June 22, 2013

40 Year Itch: My Soul Must Weather the Storm


On June 22, 1973 the Bee Gees hosted The Midnight Special for the second time that year and performed their singles "Run To Me", "I Gotta Get a Message To You"  as well as "Alexander's Ragtime Band" .When they weren't singing they clowned around on stage in an adorable way that might remind you of Beatle antics in Yellow Submarine. ( Yes! They were that animated)

Behind the scenes things weren't quite so fun. Despite going #1 in Hong Kong their single "Saw a New Morning" stalled at #94 in the US. The album Life in a Tin Can  peaked at #69 stateside. It would be two years before the brothers Gibb got back on their hit making track with Main Course and "Jive Talkin".

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