Wednesday, June 5, 2013

40 Year Itch : Whack for My Daddy-O


On June 5, 1973  the Parisian TV show Point Chaud filmed Thin Lizzy lip syncing  "Whiskey in the Jar" at the Golf Drouot. By this point the band was tired of miming the song all over Europe. This rock and roll version of an Irish folk song had always been a bit of a fluke. The boys were joking around with it when their manager burst into the practice room and said they had to to record it. UK DJs were sent small bottles of whiskey with the single to soften them up. By early '73, as Thin Lizzy toured with Slade and an American singer named Suzi Quatro,  "Whiskey in the Jar" hit #6 in the UK and topped the Irish charts for several weeks.

But the band was running out of money. Having recorded two albums that failed to chart ( and a cover of Deep Purple tunes as "Funky Junction"), Thin Lizzy needed a hit album. After Vagabonds in the Western World , released in September, failed to chart guitarist Eric Bell made a New Year's gig his last with Thin Lizzy.

It was also the day Paul McCartney and Wings had both the #1 single on the Billboard Charts ( "My Love") and the #1 album ( Red Rose Speedway). That doesn't happen a lot. But Neil Young, Rod Stewart, Carly Simon and America also pulled off the feat in the early 70's.

1. Paul McCartney and Wings "My Love"
2. Edgar Winter Group "Frankenstein"
3. Sylvia "Pillow Talk"
4. Elton John "Daniel"
5. Clint Homes "Playground in My Mind"

1. Paul McCartney and Wings Red Rose Speedway
2. The Beatles 1967-1970
3. Edgar Winter Group They Only Come Out At Night
4. Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy
5. The Beatles 1962-1966

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