Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two Bands With "Revolving Door Syndrome"

Savoy Brown guitarist Kim Simmonds is the only consistent member of this UK band that spent most of its time touring in the US. In 1971 Dave Peverett, Roger Earl and Tone Stevens all left the band to form Foghat. The next year vocalist Dave Walker left to join Fleetwood Mac for one album. Simmonds hired a new frontman, Joe Cocker soundalike Jack Lynton for Jack the Toad, an album that sounds like it was influenced by the pub rock sound. In a good way!

After Randy Bachman left The Guess Who, Burton Cummings oversaw the band through various personnel shake ups before getting around to recording this most underrated of the band's albums. #10 is pretty damn good but it's highlighted by the strange single "Glamour Boy" which makes fun of David Bowie ( or is it Marc Bolan? Alice Cooper?)

Glamour boy Get your costume on, 
you got 'em lined up, waitin' for you
 Glamour boy You got 'em standin' in the aisles
 so don't hang 'em up
 For twenty-five thousand dollars you can look like a woman tonight

A full page ad for the single in Billboard Magazine, June 2, 1973


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