Sunday, July 28, 2013

40 Year Itch: Wigglin' My Fanny ( Ha Ha Man Get Down)

Funk was once a word used to describe the smell of a bedroom after a session of sweaty sex.
In that case, Betty Davis's debut album just might be the funkiest funk album ever released.

   After her marriage with jazz legend Miles Davis came to an end, Betty took off for San Francisco where she hooked up with the Family Stone's rhythm section , bassist Larry Graham and drummer Greg Errico. Neil Schon of Santana and Doug Rodrigues of Mandrill also play on the album. Backing vocalists include Sylvester and the Pointer Sisters.

   That's a lot of star power but there's no mistaking who's album this is. Moaning, screeching and clawing your back with pleasure, Betty Davis got a lot of flack for her high libido funk. But you couldn't ignore her.
The remastered CD comes with 32 pages of liner notes.

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