Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stealers Wheel Tries to Get Unstuck

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Gerry Rafferty had already left Stealers Wheel when "Stuck in the Middle of You" become one of 1973's surprise hits, peaking at #6 in the US and propelling sales of the debut album. So Rafferty came back. He and Joe Egan fired the rest of the band and recorded the much anticipated follow-up single "Everything Will Turn Out Fine". The original single comes with the band's signature strumming guitar chords, dual Lennonesque vocals and hand claps. 

In its review, Billboard Magazine noted the song had a  "smoother-glowing melody than the jagged leaps of "Stuck in the Middle With You". Hopes may have been high but the "Everything" peaked at just  #49 in the US and #33 in the UK.

Then something shocking happened to the single.

It disappeared.

It's ridiculously difficult to find a copy of the single version of "Everything Will Turn Out Fine". Subsequent albums and CDs all contain a much more highly polished take. It makes the original single, with its guitar breaks, sound like a demo.

I've always enjoyed demos so I'd give the original single the edge.

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