Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paul Weller : My Top 10

As told to Smash Hits Magazine for their Sept 20-Oct 3, 1979 issue ( via Like Punk Never Happened ). At the time he was promoting The Jam's fourth album, Setting Sons.

1. The Nips: Gabrielle
2. The Slits: Instant Hit
3. Purple Hearts: Millions Like Us
4. Gang of Four: Elevator
5. Vapors: Spring Collection
6. Wire: Outdoor Miner
7. Skids: Into the Valley
8. Whirlwind: Rockin High School Baby
9. Joy Division: Transmission
10.The Undertones: Family Entertainment

These are in no particular order. You could put in any single by Wire, The Nips or The Skids because I like them all. ~ Paul

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