Tuesday, September 3, 2013

40 Year Itch: 1973's Best Reissues

An FM radio staple, Thunderclap Newman's 1969 hit "Something in the Air" is re-released as a single in September of 1973. Their superb and highly entertaining album Hollywood Dream, produced by Pete Townshend, tops Creem Magazine's list of 1973's Top Reissues.The following year the band's guitar prodigy Jimmy McCullough would be a member of Wings. Paul even exclaiming "Take me Down Jimmy!" on the single "Junior's Farm".

Best Reissues 
 1. Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream 
 2. Allman Brothers - Beginnings (a double album combining the Allman's first two LPs Allman Brothers Band and Idewild South)
 3. Beatles - 1967-1970 
 4. Todd Rundgren - Something/Anything? [huh?] 
 5. Soundtrack - American Graffiti 
 6. Pink Floyd - A Nice Pair ( a double album combing the first two Floyd LPs: Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Saucerful of Secrets)
 7. Beatles - 1963-1966 
 8. Spirit - Best Of Spirit 
 9. Buffalo Springfield ( a compilation that includes a 9 minute version of "Bluebird")
 10. The Move - Split Ends (a version of Message From the Country with additional singles "Tonight", "Chinatown" and "Do Ya".

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