Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1973 In Film Scores

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Rota is on a roll, following up his Godfather soundtrack with the best of his Fellini scores. Of Rota Fellini said "He was someone who had a rare quality belonging to the world of intuition. Just like children, simple men, sensitive people, innocent people, he would suddenly say dazzling things. As soon as he arrived, stress disappeared, everything turned into a festive atmosphere; the movie entered a joyful, serene, fantastic period, a new life." You can hear all of that in Amarcord

Goldsmith had already composed memorable scores for Planet of the Apes and Patton, when he creates the gorgeous Oscar nominated melodies for Papillon. Nominated 17 times, he would win the Oscar in 1976 for The Omen.

Marvin Hamlisch takes home two Oscars for his work in 1973. One for adapting Scott Joplin's ragtime era compositions; the other for The Way We Were. The Sting soundtrack hits #1 on the Billboard album charts in May of 1974 and stays there for entire month.

Ennio Morricone gets whimsical on the soundtrack to My Name is Nobody which is, after all, a spaghetti western comedy.

Alain Goraguer's funky and jazzy score to La Planete Sauvage is our cult classic soundtrack from 1973. Goraguer did orchestration for French ye-ye singers like France Gall before taking us all on this head trip.

As with Morricone, you always want to check in to see what Lalo Schifrin has laid down. In '73 the Argentinian composer (of Mission Impossible theme) scored Enter the Dragon, one of the most masculine movie themes of all time. Just reeking with testosterone.

Lesser known, but just as brilliant, is Schifrin's score for Charley Varrick. Nobody does spy thriller soundtracks like Lalo Schifrin

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