Friday, October 4, 2013

40 Year Itch : Pretty Sweet Mustache

Here's a collection of some celebrated songwriters who put out some fine, somewhat twangy releases in late 1973. Leading the pack is Monkees alumnus Michael Nesmith and his 6th and final album for RCA, Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash. Recorded with a full band, including Red Rhodes on pedal steel, the album's first side is the highlight with " Continuing" and the Monkees era Nesmith tune "Some of Shelley's Blues". Restrained, well arranged, a country rock delight.

Recorded in Nashville, Sweet Revenge is the John Prine album to buy after you've already purchased his debut. Funny, corny and surprisingly moving at times ( Christmas in Prison). Earned a rare A rating from the Dean, Robert Christgau.

Christgau gave Wainwright's fourth album an A-, recorded as "Dead Skunk" was climbing the charts. An odd, mostly funny album featuring the a capella "Liza" ( dedicated to his classmate and sudden Oscar winner Liza Minelli) and "The Swimming Song" which would be recorded on his wife and sister-in-law's 1975 debut album Kate and Anna McGarrigle.

The founder of The Youngbloods released this gorgeous record  in early October 1973. With touches of jazz and just good pop, this album, dedicated to his daughter, charted higher than any albums from The Youngbloods.

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