Friday, December 6, 2013

40 Year Itch: Cult Classics from 1973

   With gorgeous melodies from the classically trained guitarist, Duncan Browne features the 1972 UK #23 hit "Journey". Love Nick Drake but want something less dour for your Sunday mornings? Try this fetching collection. One of 1973's gems.


Recorded just days before serving a 13 month prison term for selling marijuana, the 3000 copies of Gary Higgins's Red Hash became a collectors item selling for hundred of dollars. Now Drag City has re-released the album. Mellow and trippy but never dopey.

"My first four albums have been, for me, an apprenticeship. The new my thesis".- Al Stewart

    For his fifth album, recorded just three years before Year of the Cat made him a worldwide star, storytelling Al Stewart made this concept album in which each song is a portrait of a decade. There's a tune about President Harding and another about Hitler's rise to power. "Roads to Moscow" is sung from the point of view of a Russian soldier fighting in World War 2.


On the double album Marjory Razorblade, former psychiatric nurse and drug counselor Kevin Coyne sings about - and from the point of view of - characters who exist beyond where the buses run. Not to be neglected!

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