Sunday, December 8, 2013

40 Year Itch: Zappa Plays The Roxy

    On December 8, 1973 Frank Zappa and The Mothers began a three night stand at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood. The shows were recorded for what would become the 1974 live double album Roxy and Elsewhere. ( The "elsewhere" tracks were recorded in Chicago and in Edinboro,PA). With the comic heroics of Flo and Eddie gone, Zappa and an otherwise stable group of musicians focused on technically precise progressive rock and jazz. There are even some funky moments on the album .

    Like Neil Young's 1973 album, Time Fades AwayRoxy And Elsewhere consists of all new live material (though both "Son of Orange County" and "More Trouble Every Day" are variations of familiar Zappa cuts) . Zappa had spent $30,000 filming the concerts but the footage has only recently made it to YouTube. All invited guests were asked to wear black.

One of the fan favorites from the album is "Cheepnis" which features a Zappa monologue dedicated to low budget monster movies.

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