Saturday, February 8, 2014

40 Year Itch: 1974's Most Difficult Masterpieces

The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage, released February 8, 1974 demands its listener's full attention, patience and indulgence. This isn't background music for cleaning the house or driving to work. This requires old school album listening: a room with just enough light to read the lyric sheet, a set of good headphones and something that will help alter the mind.


     With the help of his former band, the UK Art rockers Van Der Graaf Generator, and ex-Spirit guitarist Randy California on "Red Shift", prog rock's most theatrical singer, Peter Hammill, invites us into a dark, mad world. Will you enjoy your visit? Read this review, give the 12-minute epic track " A Louse is Not a Home" a listen, and then make your decision. We will not judge you.

Also on this date: 

   Todd Rundgren played "A Dream Goes on Forever", a new song from his double album Todd,  on the Midnight Special. The single would stall at #69 on Billboard's Hot 100. 

     Todd's fans already had a sense of this amazing artists's attention deficit disorder on 1973's A Wizard/ A True Star. Here,on Todd,  you get everything from Rundgren's pure pop tunes to experimental electronic freak outs like "The Sparks of Life" to Gilbert and Sullivan. The poster that came with the album had 10,000 names of Rundgren fans printed on it.

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  1. Peter Hammill. Superb. Love the description about how records should be listened to. I prefer no headphones, just top-quality B&Ws, Arcam amp, Meridian C cd player!