Monday, February 17, 2014

40 Year Itch : Dazed and Dopey

Thunderbox. That's British slang for a toilet. And that's pretty much where things lie for Humble Pie after such a promising start to the decade. There are a few choice covers here but Steve Marriot on the boys have really dumbed things down Witness the lyrics to the title cut.

Some say you from Dallas there
And you're hooked on pork and beans
 But I think it might be you're from Louisiana
Roundabout New Orleans

Rolling Stone's Gordon Fletcher summed up his review this way:

Thunderbox is a stupid album; it and the group's ineptness indicate that both may be fading into oblivion --so died the dinosaur too stupid and too heavy to survive.


Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi reunite for the double live, doubly loud Twin Peaks, recorded in Japan. How loud? Three and a half minutes into  the aptly titled  "Guitar Solo", you can hear an overloaded Marshall amp explode. But fans bought the album to revisit the classics: "Mississippi Queen" and an astonishing 32-minute version of"Nantucket Sleighride"


Ted Nugent's second to last album with the Amboy Dukes is full of the kind of jam kicking Motor City rock and roll they were doing before just about anybody else as well as "Below the Belt",  a 7-minute somewhat quiet instrumental ...featuring a flute. 

Michael Des Barre's glam rock band Silverhead didn't shy away from hard rockers full of sexual innuendo. ( "More Than Your Mouth Can Hold") Members of the band went on to play with Blondie and Robert Plant.

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