Saturday, May 17, 2014

40 Year Itch : Say Goodbye to Norma Jean

On May 17, 1974 ABC aired a prime time Elton John special called "Say Goodbye To Norma Jean". As its narrator states: "the greatest sin in his book is to be age 26, he walks confidently on 5 inch heels where lesser angels fear to tread, sporting coats, hair and spectacles of many colors, sometimes as bright and unyielding as the diamonds he wears on his fingers, sometimes plunged deep in self critical gloom, a child with every toy in the shop and not a key to wind them with"

Elton John was such a big star, this month also marks the 40th anniversary of the day two concert promoters got busted for selling $11,000 worth of mail order tickets to "Elten John" shows  in Detroit and Chicago. Had they learned to spell better, they might have gotten away with the scam.

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