Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hard Rockin May

Recruited from the Scorpions, 18 year old German guitarist Michael Schenker joined Brit space rockers UFO and, despite the language barrier and the constant butting of heads, made them more aggressive and more appealing to teenage boys. Phenomenon is phull of classic rockers. Essential 70's hard rawk.


   The follow up to the monster hit They Only Come Out At Night is an uneven record. Some of it seems to be clearly trying to repeat the previous albums's success (" Queen of My Dreams", "River's Risin'"). Other songs are as strange -and out of place- as Alice Cooper's West Side Story tributes on School's Out ("Easy Street", "Someone Take My Heart Away")


The Welsh rockers follow up their best album, Never Turn Your Back On a Friend, with another album of metal so heavy it sounds decades a-shread of its time. Why is this band not mentioned in the same breath as Sabbath, Zeppelin and Rush? I still think it's because of the tweety name.



Part of a string of solid hit-making hard rocking albums, this Scottish band's Rampant somehow falls short in comparison. Maybe they were tired?

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