Tuesday, November 4, 2014

40 Year Itch : Leader of the Boot Boys


   With Nightlife, their fourth studio album, Irish rockers Thin Lizzy introduced the twin guitar attack of American Scott Gorham and Scotsman Brian Robertson. "Scott and Roll" went over big in the UK clubs but the album, produced by Ron Nevison ( who had worked on The Who's Quadrophenia and the Bad Company debut as engineer), failed to get the kind of reviews and sales that would propel the band's career forward.

    To this day Gorham blames Nevison for what  he describes as "limp background music". It's not really that bad if you like your rock'n'roll subdued. "Showdown" is a should have been hit and it;s been pointed out that "Philomena" is the most rocking song ever written about missing someone's mom. Still, the album failed to chart even after the bad toured the US with Bachman Turner Overdrive and Bob Seger.

      But before you count out Thin Lizzy,  keep in mind the driving force behind the band. Phil Lynott was determined to find rock 'n roll glory and the band's hard rocking sound would gel by 1976's remarkable Jailbreak.

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