Saturday, November 22, 2014

40 Year Itch : Light the Faded Light

     There were two versions of Desolation Boulevard. The UK version, released in November of 1974, came out first and contained the original recording of their massive Glam rock hit "Fox On the Run"(UK#1/US#5). Yes, there were also two different versions of "Fox on the Run". The American version, released the following Summer, was a compilation of  the UK Desolation Boulevard and predecessor Sweet Fanny Adams and broke the band in the America just as the UK was losing interest. Unless you're a fan of very long drum solos ( "The Man With the Golden Arm"), get the US version. 

Can you think of another classic example where it would have made sense to combine two albums into one classic?

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  1. Sweet FA and Desolation Boulevard are two albums I used to have. I'm afraid I do nto regret getting rid. But the original version pf Fox On The Run is good, although not a patch on the re-made version.