Saturday, November 15, 2014

40 Year Itch : Ollie Hardy Should Have Had More Sense

   On November 15, 1974 the rockin' Paul McCartney and Wings single ,"Junior's Farm", was racing up the charts, jumping 16 spots from 59 to 43 on its way to #3 in the US. Both "Junior's Farm", and its country-flavored B-side "Sally G", were recorded that Summer in Nashville. To read more about the band's time in Nashville ( and why a security guard thought McCartney was taking unwarranted risks) go here.

The band was filmed rehearsing "Junior's Farm" at Abbey Road Studios in August for One Hand Clapping, a TV show that was never aired. Take 16 was especially good.

Sounds just like a Steve Miller Band tune which is why it's so perfect Miller recorded a cover version for  The Art of McCartney tribute lp.


  1. Quite perversely, probably, I think that the Steve Miller version is better.

  2. It's a good selection for Steve Miller but I gotta stick with the original.