Monday, January 26, 2015

40 Year Itch : Crack Baby Crack

   On January 26, 1975, "Cracked Actor", Alan Yentob's documentary about David Bowie, aired on BBC2. Shot on his Diamond Dogs tour of America, the film reveals Bowie in a fragile state, both mentally and physically. Pencil thin, with multi-colored hair, Bowie admits all of the characters he created in the early 70's affected his mental state:

I got lost at one point. I couldn't decide whether I was writing characters or they were writing me, or whether we were all one in the same.

  At about the 51-minute mark, we see Bowie in his identity: as the palest soul singer in Rock history.
With back-up singers, including Luther Vandross, Bowie goes over the future Young Americans track "Right" in a Philadelphia studio.

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