Tuesday, January 13, 2015

40 Year Itch : De King of the Scene

   The Interview's Seth Rogan and James Franco didn't actually break new ground by satirizing a brutal, murderous despot .  Charlie Chaplin did it in 1940 with The Great Dictator and in 1975 British comedian John Bird and writer Alan Coren did it with a comedy album called The Collected Broadcasts of Idi Amin

  The single was "Amazin' Man" with the chorus:

 Idi, Idi, Idi Amin, most amazin' man, there's ever been.
 He's de general, de president, de king of the scene,
 Idi, Idi, Idi Amin. 

Warning: if you're a member of the politically correct police, you won't get a moment of pleasure out of this. 

   While there was nothing funny about his corrupt regime, which led to the murder of as many as half a million people, the Uganda leader, his Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE ( The last initials stand for  Conqueror of the British Empire) was subject to violent mood swings and erratic behavior.  

   He claimed he was the uncrowned King of Scotland. Time Magazine called him "killer and clown, big-hearted buffoon and strutting martinet".

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  1. The ONLY Time this movie will ever be compared to Chaplin I'm sure.