Friday, January 16, 2015

40 Year Itch : Four Fat Mamas That Like to Swing

   A UK#3  hit, "Girls" was recorded by Stang labelmates The Moments and The Whatnauts. In early 1975, the tune peaked at #10 on US Disco charts. All Platinum Records in New York boss Joe Robinson, who owned distribution rights for both "Girls" and "Shame, Shame, Shame"  told Billboard Magazine hard times and high inflation meant record buyers weren't interested in negative music:

   My artists have changed their styles to coincide with today's music trends. Music with an up-swing beat that does not leave the listener depressed is what is selling, so our line is now disco.

    In 1975 $10 could buy you an album or cassette called Picking Up Girls Made Easy.  At first Businessman Mike may be overwhelmed by the Dallas secretaries "taking their Texas-sized titties for a lunch hour exercise walk", then he learns to score by pretending to be an ad executive seeking a model for a TV commercial. Groovy!

   Also former Playboy covergirl Barbi Benton released her first album, Barbi Doll, in January of 1975. It peaked at #17 on the country charts. Rather than post a clip of a songs,  I'd rather share this steamy one minute interview with entertainment reporter Huell Howser in 1980.

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