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40 Year Itch : US Top 10 January 4, 1975

    Elton John had three #1 US hits in 1975, beginning with this Beatles cover, the second #1hit , after "Hey Jude",  to be inspired by Julian Lennon. The other two Elton John smashes were "Philadelphia Freedom" and "Island Girl". The B side of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was another Lennon composition, "One Day at a Time" ( which appeared on Lennon's Mind Games). 

1. Elton John : Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
2. Barry White: You're The First, The Last, My Everything
3. Carl Douglas : Kung Fu Fighting

4. Paul McCartney and Wings : Junior's Farm/ Sally G
5. Neil Sedaka : Laughter in the Rain
6.  Helen Reddy : Angie Baby

7. Ringo : Only You
8. Stevie Wonder : Boogie on Reggae Woman
9. Carpenters : Please Mr Postman

10. Barry Manilow : Mandy

Also on the chart:

28. The Guess Who : Dancin' Fool

The Guess Who single "Dancin' Fool" would be their last US Top 40 single before Burton Cummings went solo. It's a bit of a re-write of "Running Back to Saskatoon", but I always liked that one too. Si what the hell.

Hot 100 Chart Debuts

83. Isley Brothers : Midnight Sky, Part 1
95. Phoebe Snow : Poetry Man
98. LaBelle : Lady Marmalade

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  1. The Elton John "Lucy…" clips is a perfect example of the excesses of the Seventies, as well as all the love shown to The Beatles in their separate identities obviously on the charts. (Am I the only one who thinks Cher sounds like Michael Jackson when she introduces Elton?) I remember spending a small fortune during the day playing "Junior's Farm" (and the b-side "Sally G") over and over again in a bar, not only because I liked it but to intersperse all the disco everybody else was playing. And I would sing along aloud very loud as if holding out. Thank God the Ramones were on their way! ...And oh, the lovely Linda…..Paul must've really loved Linda. Very cool. :)