Thursday, January 15, 2015

40 Year Itch : We Play Wigwam

    This 1975 image of a Virgin Records store in Plymouth has been making the rounds recently on Twitter. It's probably late Summer 1975, judging by the posters. My eyes are drawn to the Nuclear Nightclub poster and the two green stickers that read "We Play Wigwam".

   This incarnation of Wigwam was an imaginative Finnish prog rock band that knew its way around an infectious pop hook.  The classic album may be 1974's space-jazzy Being, after which two founding members left. 

   The remaining members went commercial on the follow-up, Nuclear Nightclub, which was #1 in Finland, released by Virgin Records in the UK  and has delighted just about every listener who has discovered its quirky tunes. Check out the single  "Freddie Are You Ready".

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