Sunday, January 18, 2015

UK Top 10 January 18, 1975

     The UK charts reveal an unwillingness to let go of Christmas ( There are 5  Christmas songs in the Top 30); of Glam ( 4 Glam rock singles in the Top 10); and the emergence of disco. ( There's even an early K.C. and the Sunshine Band single, "Sound Your Funky Horn", at #30). Wizzard's last Top 10 hit, "Are You Ready to Rock", is climbing the charts -- no doubt helped by the band's preposterous costumes on Top of the Pops. Also, Ralph McTell's classic "Streets of London" peaked at #2.

1. Mud : Lonely This Christmas
2. Ralph McTell: Streets of London

3. Status Quo : Down Down
4. Kenny : The Bump

5. The Wombles : Wombling Merry Christmas
6. Gloria Gaynor: Never Can Say Goodbye
7. Tymes : Ms Grace

8. Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes : Get Dancing
9. Billy Swan : I Can Help
10. Rubettes : Jukebox Jive

Further down the charts:

14. Rod Stewart and Faces : You Can Make Me Dance or Sing or Anything
15. Wizzard : Are You Ready to Rock?

In the US,  "All in the Family" spin-off "The Jeffersons" made its debut on CBS on this date in 1975.

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