Tuesday, February 3, 2015

40 Year Itch : Everybody Have Big Fun

Gloria Swanson and Andy Warhol at Cartier Party, 1975. Bob Colacello

That was exactly what it was. That's what we did. That was the thing. "Party Down" was a carefree time, when you could smoke all the weed you want and not worry about gettin' arrested, or gettin stopped on the highway with the police searching you.
-Little Beaver

   Another star of the Miami sound, guitarist Little Beaver had already hit #2 on the R and B charts in 1974 with the title cut from the album Party Down, released in the UK in 1975 where NME called it one of the top 20 albums of the year . That mellow yet funky LP also offered listeners "I Can Dig It Baby" featuring future Weather Report bassist Jaco Pastorius.

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